Zoom Player MAX 3.7.1 Build 1371 Final + Portable پخش مالتی مدیا

Zoom Player MAX concentrates a energy of Zoom Player Home and Zoom Player Professional in one product and on tip of these total features, adds considerable DVD personification capabilities.

The beauty of Zoom Player MAX is that it draws a glorious line between files playable with DirectShow and DVD content, featuring dual opposite modes for personification any of those. Switching between modes is finished from a categorical window, around a right-click menu.

The ubiquitous sense for Zoom Player MAX is of appreciation towards a straight-forward, nonetheless user-friendly interface. It automatically adjusts a best tone settings for your monitor, so once we have entered a application, we don’t indispensably have to work a settings.

Speaking of picture adjustments, Zoom allows we to configure contrast, brightness, hue, gamma, and others, though also see a changes in real-time. This is ideal when we are perplexing to make a slight alteration to a video you’re now viewing.

When it comes to a video adjustments, we have a choice of video sharpness, cropping, and revolution (at any angle), picture modification, tone fun (e.g. dividing a video into nonplus pieces), geometrical perspective and magnification, breathtaking view, zooming in and out etc.

For example, some cameras record videos rotated during 90 degrees. With Zoom’s revolution function, we can simply repair that. In addition, we can supplement logos, record video from a webcam, take snapshots (in JPG or PNG formats), customize a interface, and others.

Other facilities embody personification Blu-Ray cinema with subtitles, formulating ringtones, stage cutting, video scaling and interactivity with HTML and Flash content.

These are only a essential highlights that Zoom Player MAX. Exploring all of a functions requires a outrageous volume of time, though a focus pays off by providing an glorious media personification environment.

As a side note, Zoom Player MAX relies on a garland of outmost filters to play a far-reaching operation of formats. Thus, users are compulsory to yield it with third-party codecs in sequence to entirely suffer a media experience.

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