Zoom Player MAX 3.7.1 Build 1371 Final + Portable پخش مالتی مدیا

Zoom Player MAX concentrates the power of Zoom Player Home and Zoom Player Professional in one product and on top of these combined features, adds impressive DVD playing capabilities.

The beauty of Zoom Player MAX is that it draws a fine line between files playable with DirectShow and DVD content, featuring two different modes for playing each of those. Switching between modes is done from the main window, via the right-click menu.

The general impression for Zoom Player MAX is of appreciation towards its straight-forward, yet user-friendly interface. It automatically adjusts the best color settings for your monitor, so once you have entered the application, you don’t necessarily have to work its settings.

Speaking of image adjustments, Zoom allows you to configure contrast, brightness, hue, gamma, and others, but also see the changes in real-time. This is perfect when you are trying to make a slight modification to a video you’re currently viewing.

When it comes to the video adjustments, you have the option of video sharpness, cropping, and rotation (at any angle), image modification, color fun (e.g. dividing a video into puzzle pieces), geometrical view and magnification, panoramic view, zooming in and out etc.

For example, some cameras record videos rotated at 90 degrees. With Zoom’s rotation function, you can easily fix that. In addition, you can add logos, record video from a webcam, take snapshots (in JPG or PNG formats), customize the interface, and others.

Other features include playing Blu-Ray movies with subtitles, creating ringtones, scene cutting, video scaling and interactivity with HTML and Flash content.

These are just the essential highlights that Zoom Player MAX. Exploring all of its functions requires a huge amount of time, but the application pays off by providing an excellent media playing environment.

As a side note, Zoom Player MAX relies on a bunch of external filters to play a wide range of formats. Thus, users are required to provide it with third-party codecs in order to fully enjoy the media experience.

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