Yandex Browser 16.10.0 مرورگر امن و حرفه ای

Yandex.Browser is a new browser formed on Chromium from Russian hunt hulk Yandex. It offers a same purify morality as Google’s Chrome, with a few differences.

The similarities to Chrome are some-more apparent than a differences. There is a same total hunt and residence bar, and a ubiquitous blueprint is a same.

When we open a new tab, however, a dump down row of suggested or most-visited sited appears. This can be simply edited. When we form into Yandex.Browser’s hunt bar, as good as suggested addresses, we can also select from one of 4 hunt engines. Next to a hunt bar there is also a symbol that takes we to a Russian denunciation Yandex home.

Overall, Yandex.Browser is quick and easy to use, though there is small reason to suggest it over Chrome or other Chromium formed browsers unless we use Yandex’s hunt and email services. If Yandex.Browser develops some-more of a possess celebrity and facilities it could be a critical choice browser.

As an central Yandex product, Yandex.Browser is guaranteed a some success. Outside of Russia, it would be softened if links to a Russian Yandex site were internationalized.

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