Wise Folder Hider + Free + Portable مخفی سازی انواع فایل ها و پوشه ها

Wise Folder Hider protects your private and critical information from others’ eyes. This focus is designed as a giveaway USB drive/ file/ folder stealing tool. User can use it giveaway to censor supportive or critical files and folders on internal partitions or removable devices. The information can’t be accessed by other programs or other handling systems such as DOS. The usually approach to entrance or unhide these information is to enter a current password. However, Wise Folder Hider is designed for home use only, though not endorsed for blurb settings that need stricter confidentiality. Using this application, your private information and critical files will not be unprotected to others or unintentionally suggested and your remoteness will not be pried into if we share one computer, USB drive, removable HDD drive, etc. Wise Folder Hider Key Features: Safe to Hide file/folder/USB Free and easy to use Double cue insurance Support of Removable Drivers Support of Drag and Drop

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