WinMend Registry Cleaner 2.3.0 – بهینه سازی رجیستری

WinMend Registry Cleaner cleans a registry of shabby or archaic information and allows we to conveniently conduct StartUp during complement startup applications. Admits a backup registry and revive a registry from a backup. In a scanner has a series of settings allows we to hunt a sold difficulty of registry problems. There is a registry optimizer. There is a hunt duty “wrong” labels. The module also has a ability to run “on schedule”.

WinMend Registry Cleaner is a absolute and secure registry cleaning and optimization application. It has 4 categorical duty modules: Registry Cleaner, Registry Optimizer, Registry Backup and Scheduler. The focus can well and comprehensively investigate system, accurately locate errors and archaic data, safely repair or undo them, so effectively shortening a effort in your mechanism and improving a speed and opening of your system. It also analyzes several complement settings such as those for CPU, memory, disks and provides extensive and involuntary complement optimization solutions to serve boost a speed of complement startup and running. Safe analysis, extensive registry indicate and faster indicate engine are the absolute collection for registry cleanup and optimization!

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