UFS Explorer Pro Recovery 5.22.4 بازیابی اطلاعات

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is a full-featured program focus designed exclusively for information liberation specialists. The focus successfully combines low-level information research and information government functions with high-level information liberation tools. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery is a usually program of a UFS Explorer organisation that allows to change strange information on a storage.

Advanced multi-tool interface creates a program fit even difficult information liberation tasks. With UFS Explorer Professional Recovery we can lift out consummate information research and control full-scaled information recovery. Embedded RAID-Builder resource allows to build customary RAID configurations of any level. Moreover, ‘RAID clarification language’ used by this program will let we build any tradition RAID configuration. If necessary, low-level collection of UFS Explorer Professional Recovery concede to make permanent changes to a information primarily contained on a storage. The program can be commissioned to several handling systems – Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux.

With care for user-friendliness program collection are grouped into several apart blocks any germane to certain operations. Disk government complement automatically defines storages and opens hoop images, customary and tradition RAID configurations as good as unsentimental disks of unsentimental machines. The complement will let we open a hoop assign or a storage device naming name or mountain indicate (disk letter, mountain trail etc.). UFS Explorer Professional Recovery embraces embedded Hex-Viewer apparatus that allows to perspective information on a hoop or apart hoop assign and change including overwrite information on a storage. File manager allows to preview existent record complement and redeem information from it. Among other functions record manager includes files hunt and preview, information analysis, marker and positioning by record calm and record descriptors. File complement liberation manager allows to find files, preview found files and redeem them to a internal disk. For combined preference UFS Explorer Professional Recovery manages coexisting opening of multitasking operations.

Designed for professionals this product requires during slightest simple user expertise. The program contains a set of protected read-only information research collection that concede to solve many unsentimental information detriment cases and a write-enabled hexadecimal editor to scold even serious cases of record complement damages.

As a extensive multi-functional focus UFS Explorer Professional Recovery will be ideal resolution for minute information research and veteran liberation of mislaid and deleted data.

Key features
– Immediate information entrance for unchanging record systems
– Support of hoop images and unsentimental disks
– Recovery of formidable RAID storages
– Full-disk encryption support
– Disk-on-disk recovery
– Comprehensive files recovery
– Recovery after record complement format
– Data coherence research and blunder correction

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