TeamDrive 4.5.0 Build 1728 Final اشتراک گذاری اطلاعات ها

TeamDrive is an focus designed to assistance we send and synchronize information opposite mixed computers that are both online and offline.The focus is easy to implement and requires no formidable configuration. You merely need to have an comment to a cloud use that is used to store a information that is to be synchronized. Afterwards, we emanate a space that we wish to share, entice another user and start syncing. The files that we upload to a cloud are automatically eliminated to a mechanism that was invited.

A underline that creates TeamDrive really unsentimental for both tiny and large businesses is a fact that once this tie between a computers is done it automatically synchronizes a folders whenever something changes. If we have 10 systems connected, when we upload a record from one a calm of a common folder is automatically updated to all of them.

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