System Mechanic Pro + Business Edition بهینه ساز ویندوز

System Mechanic – this is a module designed to support a operation of your mechanism during a top level! System Mechanic can find nonessential and transcribe files, purify registry and find improper shortcuts, undo damaged links in a dismissal of programs, to lane changes done during installation, conduct startup to purify a tough expostulate of nonessential files to defragment, and most more.

Few would repudiate that a protected operation of a mechanism depends on a grade of care. Do not only consider that we are articulate about a need to frequently purify a monitor, complement section and keyboard from dust. This is – by itself. Under a “care” in this box means a unchanging cleaning of a tough expostulate of nonessential files and their duplicates (including your browser cache and ies), a guaranteed dismissal of information that should not be saying strangers, nastroyaka parameters of Windows (including optimizing a settings for joining to a Internet) Optimizer, Registry and even fascinating that all this happened in a involuntary mode. Of course, nonessential files (like *. bak) can find and mislay them manually, though how prolonged it take? A register? How many people brave to do it manually “reconstruction”? In addition, in some cases, we contingency keep lane of what and where to write any module installed, afterwards “manually” can not do.

System Mechanic includes 7 simple elements:
– Cleaning a Registry
– Defrag File System
– Operating complement optimizer
– Cleaning zhestktogo expostulate of nonessential files
– Freeing memory
– “Repair” labels
– Correction of errors when joining to a Internet
– And a lot of smaller “niche” tools.

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