Stellarium v0.16.0 Final x86/x64 – نرم افزار نجوم و ستاره شناسی

Chances are that not really many people have listened of Stellarium nonetheless it is really identical to one of a many renouned pieces of program accessible currently – Google Earth. While Google’s program allows we to concentration on a earth from a starting indicate in outdoor space, Stellarium reverses your viewpoint and places we during any indicate on a earth’s surface, staring adult and out into low space.

An engaging underline in Stellarium is that as time passes, a practical star complement will evolve, with a object environment and a several constellations apropos some-more distinguished in a dim night sky. You have a preference of visible effects that we can switch on or off such as a atmosphere, or snippet lines for a star systems. Impressive things for a few minutes, though once you’ve got a ubiquitous crux of what Stellarium entails, you’ll fast tire of zooming out to apart stars and examination as they solemnly pierce opposite a screen.

While Google Earth brings we minute photos of a planet’s surface, Stellarium can usually grasp a many reduce fortitude illustration of a solar system’s planets, though mentioning a fact that stars are singular to elementary white dots zipping by a sky. With over 120,000 stars accurately plotted out in this practical planetarium, it’s apparent that a lot of work has left in to a creation. However, Stellarium’s agonizing turn of fact is expected usually to interest to a genuine revolutionary star gazers.

The thought behind Stellarium is a good one in theory, though when it comes down to it many people will see it as small some-more than a smart, interactive screensaver. That said, if we have an affinity for astronomy, would like to learn a constellations, or simply suffer examination pleasing sunsets, afterwards Stellarium is for you.
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