Steganos Privacy Suite 18.0.3 مخفی کردن اطلاعات

Working on a PC or laptop that’s connected to a internet offers lots of advantages. But there are copiousness of disadvantages too. Our laptops, USB sticks and CDs assistance ride documents, photos and cinema all over a world. But what happens if a foreigner gets a reason of a information on your hardware? USB sticks with irreplaceable vacation photos can tumble out of pockets. DVDs that enclose personal financial information get mislaid all a time. Laptops with e-mails, hit info and calendars can be incidentally left behind in taxis. All your passwords are orderly stored on an Excel sheet. But defenceless papers leave we exposed to information thieves. You’ve deleted all a information on a PC we devise to sell. But did we know that someone could simply refurbish a information we suspicion was left forever? The resolution to all of these problem is Steganos Privacy Suite.


Here are some pivotal facilities of “Steganos Privacy Suite”:
– Encrypt – Secure your files with a Safe.
– Level of Security – Observe your over-all turn of confidence during a glance.
– Delete – With Shredder and Trace-Destructor we can discharge files and your Browser story for good.
– Overview – Passwords and Favorites are firmly stored and automatically populated.

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