Steganos Password Manager 18.0.3 – مدیریت پسورد

Steganos Password Manager will keep all your passwords in a firmly encrypted list, with involuntary entry-function. With a help, we can safely store minute information about passwords and usernames, bank accounts, credit cards and any other trusted information that we can consider of.

You need Steganos Password Manager:
· Everybody meaningful your cue can tighten deals in your name, squeeze products by auction, buy online, review your e-mails, revisit Internet forums underneath your nickname…
· As time goes by, we need some-more and some-more passwords: To entrance your favorite websites, for your online banking, online shops, Internet auction sites, cue stable applications and most more.
· It’s tough to find unequivocally secure passwords: The common variations of name, birthday, pet etc. are intensely easy to crack.
· Especially during travel, we should never lift unencrypted passwords – it’s too easy for them to get into a wrong hands. Unfortunately we customarily need them right afterwards and there.

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