SpotOnTheMouse 2.7.3 نمایش محل کلیک ماوس و صفحه کلید

SpotOnTheMouse is a rodent pointer movement cognisance software.

Basic features:
– It creates rodent clicks visible.
– It improves a perceptibility of a rodent pointer.

Useful for everybody who presents or teaches program to other people.

For example:
– Teachers
– Software selling and sales personnel

You don’t have to tell your assembly things like “Click there with a right rodent button.” all a time any more. They can see what we are doing with a mouse.

The range of SpotOnTheMouse goes over teaching. It can also be useful for:
– Visually disabled people
– People who are carrying problems in training to hoop a mouse. The manifest feedback reinforces a training process.
– Presentation program (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint). Use SpotOnTheMouse as an additional apparatus for indicating on your slides with a mouse. The clicks will sojourn manifest for a few seconds.

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