SoftColor Automata 1.9.94 + Server 10.8.4 نرم افزار ویرایش عکس

SoftColor Automata is a workflow automation program for modernized tone correction, picture modifying and tone management. Automata works exclusively on a credentials and can work with mixed concurrently workflows.

Automata can have total series of opposite workflows and it has support for record logistics operations. It loads automatically new and altered picture files from a submit folder and after estimate it saves images to a outlay folder.

Automata’s involuntary tone improvement algorithm corrects tone balance, bearing and contrariety problems from strange picture in singular step. White balance, bearing and contrariety adjustments are processed as apart layers. Automata has support for customary ICC form formed tone management.

Automata has collection and filters for resizing, cropping, rotating, straightening, sharping and de- noising a strange image. Image modifying collection and filters can be used together with tone improvement or separately.

Automata uses nondestructive covering formed estimate for tone and picture adjustments. This gives to we a full control to balance involuntary improvement adjustments.

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