Shutdown7 2.4.1 Final خاموش شدن خودکار سیستم

With this focus we can do some-more than usually shutting down your computer.Shutdown7 offers we with an compact, though feature-rich user interface many ways to automate shutting down your computer.

Choose conditions for a routine to start

Running a focus brings adult a tiny categorical window featuring several options put during your disposal, to offer a vast accumulation of scheduling conditions. Basic functions are accessible so we can set an accurate hour or a countdown timer.

Furthermore, a comparison mechanism energy choice can be activated once a specified window is closed, so when work is finished we simply close down your appurtenance by exiting an application. Another trigger is when a record gets deleted or, to assistance we tumble defunct faster, it can play a preference of songs after that it runs a given command.

Does a pursuit good though blank some features

Scheduling options put during your ordering are somewhat severe around a edges. If we need to make a energy choice memorable it can usually be finished by environment an accurate hour along with a choice to launch a focus on startup.

Another useful blank underline is a hotkey support, carrying seen that it especially stays dark in a complement tray. Once an choice is activated, a focus automatically closes, so unless we usually need to close down your system, we need to run it each time we wish to report a new activity.

In conclusion

Taking all into consideration, we can contend that Shutdown7 wants to modernise a already existent concept, though it needs to try a small harder. It can get a small formidable to work with unless regulating it particularly for what a name implies. Overall, it creates for a good focus usually if we consider required ways of shutting down your mechanism are overrated.

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