SearchMyFiles 2.76 + 10.0 Final جستجوی سریع فایلها در ویندوز

SearchMyFiles represents a absolute choice to Windows’ hunt function, given it provides users with an endless list of pattern options.

This is a unstable app, so installing SearchMyFiles is not necessary. It means that we can store a apparatus on a USB peep drive, save it to any mechanism and directly run a executable file. Furthermore, equipment are not left behind in a Windows registry or on a tough expostulate after module removal.

SearchMyFiles is packaged in a customary interface where a categorical focus window has an discerning layout. But a pivotal facilities are placed in a ‘Search Options’ shade where we can get started by selecting a hunt mode between standard, duplicate, non-duplicate and summary.

Base and released folders can be picked from a drop-down menu or around a record browser; furthermore, we can submit wildcards for a files and subfolders, bar specific extensions and name a record calm form (text or binary).

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