SAP PowerDesigner x86/x64 – مدل سازی داده ها

Visualize, understand, and conduct a impact of change to your craving complement before it happens – with SAP Sybase PowerDesigner. This end-to-end production program supports model-driven pattern (MDA) pattern with industry-standard displaying techniques, a absolute metadata repository, and singular couple and sync record – so we can respond to change with confidence.

SAP Sybase PowerDesigner is a industry-leading business routine / information displaying program and metadata government resolution for information architecture, information pattern and craving architecture.

* Empower data, information, and craving architects with a absolute displaying solution
* Capture all business requirements, pattern for a future, and promulgate graphically
* Visualize a links between all architectural layers to know a impact of change
* Improve partnership between business and IT with discerning cognisance and stating tools
* Leverage information as a vital association item to expostulate larger value and efficiency

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