Samsung Smart Switch 4.1.16104.4 مهاجرت از گوشیهای قدیمی به سامسونگ

Samsung Smart Switch is a absolute focus that can assistance we quit to a Samsung smartphone from other mobile devices, by an easy and snarl giveaway process.

Produced by Samsung itself, a focus addresses users who wish to pierce their information from one phone to another but behaving formidable backup and revive operations.

It is doable for users who have an aged phone constructed by Apple, LG, Nokia and Blackberry and wish to pierce information to one of a following Samsung Models: Galaxy S II, SIII, Note or Note II.

The emigration is achieved regulating a step-by-step sorceress that guides we by a whole process, therefore a focus is directed during a far-reaching assembly regardless of a turn of know-how.

First off, we should perform a backup of a information located on your aged phone (manufacturers customarily yield such a focus for any of their models) afterwards bond a new device and launch a application.

From here on out, things are simple: all that stays to be finished is name a indication of your aged phone and a folder that contains a backup, afterwards to name a calm to be migrated.

Items such as contacts, messages, photos, music, wallpapers, calendar, memos, videos, call logs and bookmarks can be eliminated in a one click operation.

The procession competence take a while, depending on a volume of information that is being sent to a new Samsung device. The execution of a operation is displayed accordingly.

Keep in mind that there competence be some harmony issues in what a migrated applications are concerned. Some of them competence now work on a new device and if this is a case, we can always use a mobile chronicle of a module in sequence to find alternatives that compare your aged apps.

All in all, Samsung Smart Switch seems like a arguable choice that simplifies a emigration from an comparison phone to a Samsung device, creation it all about a few clicks.

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