Samsung Kies 3.2.16044.2 + مدیریت گوشی و تبلت سامسونگ

Managing calm on your mobile is easy with Samsung’s Kies™ Air and Kies. Kies Air creates it elementary to send media files, play content, song and some-more between your mobile device and a browser on a same wireless network. Kies keeps your device firmware updated whenever we connect, and includes personal information government program to assistance conduct private information such as contacts brought over by Microsoft® Outlook®.


Non-member downloads:
· Anyone can download giveaway apps. Members and non-members.

Wish List:
· Save your favourite apps to download when you’re ready.

Easy Payment:
· Save your remuneration sum in your Samsung Apps form for faster purchases in a future.

Smart Display:

· Set your phone to usually perspective apps that run on your handset.

My Downloads:
· See all of your past purchases and downloads. Download them again if we need to.

Quick Search:

· Search by keyword to get formula listed in sequence of popularity.

Supported Phones:
· Wave(S8500)
· Wave525(S5250)
· Wave533(S5330)
· Wave723(S7230E)

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