RawTherapee 4.2.1234 – ویرایش و افزایش کیفیت عکسهای Raw

RawTherapee is a RAW picture processor that can rise RAW formats from many digital cameras and DSLRs. It offers modernized controls for bearing and tone adjustments, sharpening, denoising, tone management, white balance, tone channels, and most more. The module also supports gathering and resizing as good as corrections for vignetting, distortions and perspective.

RawTherapee keeps lane of all your modifying actions and allows we to switch behind and onward between opposite versions of a image. You can save your composition settings as profiles and fast request them to identical images. Other facilities embody customizable interface layouts and full-screen mode, mixed denoising methods, twin guard support, collection processing, support for tone profiles and more.
RawTherapee can be utterly memory complete during RAW acclimatisation and is optimized for 64-bit handling systems. We tested a 32-bit chronicle and it worked excellent during a review. This is a utterly able and considerable picture processor nonetheless it does need some RAW modifying experience. A minute PDF primer is accessible from a website.

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