QuarkXPress 13.1 + 12.2.3 + unstable – طراحی گرافیکی و چاپ و نشر حرفه ای

Creative countenance requires a right collection and when it comes to veteran results, sum matter. QuarkXPress has been redesigned from a inside out to broach overwhelming graphics, specialist capability facilities and a pattern board to intensify your creativity. So either we adore imitation or live digital, XPress Yourself with QuarkXPress.

Adaptive Resolution
Designers no longer have to regard themselves with preview fortitude settings and shade performance. Adaptive Resolution in QuarkXPress means a graphics are rendered in genuine time in a top compulsory fortitude to compare picture zoom, stand and position. Text stays as content and vectors stay as vectors with no some-more low-resolution previews.

Leading-Edge Technology
The Xenon graphics engine in QuarkXPress has been engineered from a belligerent adult to precedence a latest in processor technology. It utilises a dedicated matrix processors within any core of your hardware and supports multi-threading, SSE3 and Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), so we can be assured in world-class graphics performance.

Graphics demeanour overwhelming in QuarkXPress interjection to a local and low bargain of picture and matrix files. Pan and wizz to see graphics come to life.

Rich PDF
QuarkXPress natively understands each aspect of placed PDFs within a layout. This includes fonts, vectors, colour spaces, layers, transparency, blends, and gradients. Rather than operative with low-res PDF previews, PDFs are boldly mapped to a Xenon intent indication and rendered in real-time. Not usually does all from content to radial blends demeanour crisper, it outputs faster too.

Advanced Image Control
Control layers, mix modes, colour channels and writing paths for placed Photoshop, TIFF and PDF files all but withdrawal QuarkXPress regulating a new Advanced Image Control Palette.

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