Postbox 5.0.13 – مدیریت چندین ایمیل به صورت همزمان

Just click a Images add-on to see a thumbnail gallery of any design from any message, or a Attachments add-on to crop by documents, files and more. And given Postbox does all of it’s cataloging on your possess computer, a remoteness and confidentiality of your email information is preserved.

Here are some pivotal facilities of “Postbox”:
Powerful Message Search:
– Postbox creates it easy to hunt for roughly anything opposite all of your email accounts. Use a Search Panel to quick hunt by outline criteria, or for a energy user, use hunt operators such “from:Mary” or “subject:vacation” directly within a hunt box. Postbox even understands hunt terms such as such as “after final Monday” or “before Jun 2008.” And if we wish to find a specific word or a phrase, there’s a Text Preview mode that helps we 0 in on accurately what you’re looking for.

Search Tabs:
– Use Postbox’s Search Tabs to now find attachments, images, links, and contacts – though carrying to puncture by messages to find what we need. The Action Bar during a bottom of any hunt add-on let’s we do useful things from your searches, like emanate a new outline from a request you’ve found.

Compose Sidebar:
– Get quick entrance to your email calm when we need it many – essay messages. A accessible Compose Sidebar let’s we find attachments, images, and links directly within a new outline window, that creates it easy to do things like resend plan papers or damning photos from a association party. No some-more saving to a desktop, relocating windows around, or other vapid actions that take adult profitable time.

– Use a Compose Sidebar to find and share links to online resources in new email messages. Just name a calm type, enter a hunt term, and afterwards dump what you’ve found into your message. Share links, places, and images (and many some-more entrance soon), though switching to a browser, slicing and pasting content, and a rest of that nonsense.

Inspector Pane:
– Postbox looks for engaging calm within any message, afterwards highlights what it finds in a Inspector Pane. It’s like a find engine built right into email. And if you’re looking during an whole conversation, Postbox summarizes all that that has been common so distant – all in one place.

Contacts Panel:
– The inline Contacts Panel provides quick entrance to residence book information and a palette of useful searches and actions. Use a Contacts Panel to send an email, dial a phone number, trigger an IM chat, or lookup an address. You can even hunt for new messages, attachments, images, or links from any contact, anytime.

Simplified Folder Views:
– Postbox lets we cut and bones your comment and folder views in ways that revoke confusion and facilitate your life. When we name an account, usually a many applicable folders are displayed, that helps to minimize distractions from activity in other accounts. And given a plcae of your common folders is always preserved, it creates switching from one inbox to another a breeze.

Tabbed Mail Browsing:
– Like a Web browser, Postbox let’s we perspective your outline calm in tabs – enabling we to emanate an fit workspace for all you’re operative on. Open roughly anything in a tab, including messages, folders, searches, or calm such as attachments and images. You can quick switch between tabs, or even shuffle tabs to customize your view.

Conversation Views:
– Postbox enables we to perspective and routine messages by conversation. Simply name a outline quarrel in your outline list to see a roll-up of all messages within a conversation.

Focus by Topics:
– Use Postbox to classify your messages by Topics. This allows we to concentration your courtesy on one thing during a time, while minimizing interruptions from new messages outward of your stream topic. A theme can be anything – a project, critical client, an event, or even priority.

– To perspective messages by Topic, only name from your favorites in a Folder Pane. It’s like formulating a mini-Inbox for only a messages we wish to work on. Combine Topics with Search Tabs to find attachments, images, links, or a list of contacts that describe to a Topic in view.

Quick Tagging:
– Assigning a Topic is easy. Type in any word or name from a list of your favorites. Unlike folders (that force we to make decisions on where to file), we can allot as many topics to a messages as we like. And here’s a best partial – when we allot a theme to a message, it gets practical to all other messages in a conversation, and all destiny outline replies too.

– Want to keep a outline around though don’t wish to worry with filing it? Just use Archive. One click and a outline is changed out of your approach and into a dedicated Archive folder. Don’t worry, you’ll still be means to find anything that we need by regulating Postbox’s absolute hunt features.

– Have we ever wanted to revise an email, or supplement a note, only as simply as regulating a word processor? With Postbox, we can work with messages like you’ve always wanted. Use a Annotate duty to change a theme message, revise a content, or supplement notes. You can even emanate a duplicate of your changes if we wish to keep a strange message, and all will be grouped and displayed together in one conversation.

– Postbox provides a elementary and lightweight approach to use email messages to conduct and lane To-Dos. Messages noted “To-Do” are conveniently pinned to a tip of your outline list, so critical work equipment do not get pushed out of view.

– Easily emanate new To-Dos and supplement them directly to your Inbox – no some-more emailing yourself notes! Use Postbox’s Annotate underline to refurbish a standing of To-Dos, or concentration your To-Do list by Topic. You can even set a standing of a outline to Pending, that helps we keep tabs on equipment that you’ve delegated.

Web Connectors:
– Postbox streamlines your workflow by joining your email calm to a online services we use most. Whenever we see an attachment, image, link, address, or even calm anywhere in Postbox, an online tie is only a click away. Click on an residence to open an online map, or a phone series to trigger a call on your internet phone application. To share calm online, name some calm and select an online service. Web connectors can be done from within a Search Tab, a Inspector Pane, or even within a outline physique itself.

Integrated Web Search:
– Initiate a Web hunt by simply grabbing some outline calm and dropping it into a integrated Web Search Bar, or by typing any hunt tenure we like. Suggested hunt terms seem as we type, that speeds adult your searches. A accumulation of opposite hunt engines are provided, so we can do all from looking adult a hit on a amicable network to researching a product online.

Anti-Phishing and Malware Services:
– Postbox helps strengthen we from viruses, spyware, trojan horses and some-more by checking URLs that are sent to we opposite a database of suspected phishing or malware sites. The database is automatically updated any 30 minutes, and if a potentially antagonistic URL is identified, a warning outline will be prominently displayed.

Automatic Updates:
– Your confidence is critical to us, so a Postbox focus will keep itself present with a latest confidence and opening enhancements. The refurbish routine is automated, so we don’t have to worry about a thing.

Based on Mozilla Technology:
– Postbox is formed on Mozilla technology, and as partial of the stability joining to keep we as secure as possible, we’ll quick incorporate Mozilla confidence updates as they turn available.

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