Poedit Pro 2.0.3 Build 5098 – معادل سازی متون ترجمه شده

Write translations for any program or web site that uses Gettext for localization. Gettext is used widely, in many programming languages and many projects – from WordPress to many PHP projects, Django or flattering many anything on Linux.

Simple Efficient Interface
Poedit is intentionally plain so that a a concentration is on a interpretation you’re operative on. Just we and a translation, no distractions.

Safety Checks
Gettext can be wily during times. One incidentally combined % might mangle things if you’re unlucky. Not to worry, though, Poedit checks for common problems and warns you.

Translation Memory
Poedit comes with a builtin interpretation memory to assistance we interpret faster. It remembers your past translations and uses them to make suggestions for identical texts. Over time, it learns adequate to fill frequently used strings in for you.

For Developers Too
Developers can use Poedit to say their interpretation files (or templates) and keep them fresh. It might be too elementary for some-more difficult projects, though many of a time, that morality comes handy.

Dedicated WordPress Support
Poedit has dedicated support for WordPress themes and plugins, permitting we to concentration on a interpretation instead of worrying about a technical details.

Professional Translators Welcome
Professionals need statistics to get paid. Poedit’s word count is language-aware, conforms to a latest Unicode Standard and has built-in, dictionary-based support for content in languages such as Chinese, Japanese or Thai.

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