Personal Backup Final x86/x64 پشتیبان گیری از اطلاعات

Personal Backup is a useful focus designed to assistance we save your critical data. You can use this module to perform backup jobs for your files and folders.The backup folder can be on a internal or removable drive, as good as on a network or a FTP server. The focus allows we to perform mixed backups during a same time.Also, we will be means to report backup jobs. For example, we can set a module to perform a backup pursuit during each complement startup, logout or shutdown or during any given time.


key features:

· Restore of singular files or zip files
· Selection dialog for files on revive or cleanup with folder tree and find function
· File preview on selecting or deselecting subfolders
· Wizard for a origination of new backup tasks
· Unlimited series of configurable backup tasks
· Backup of finish office structures
· Start backup on direct or run automatically
· Backup around FTP
· Backup into singular or ZIP files
· Internal backup scheduler
· Create and configure swap backups regulating Windows Task Scheduler
· Verification of corroborated adult files

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