PassMark OSForensics Pro 5.1 Build 1001 Final – دستیابی به تمام اطلاعات رایانه

Extract debate information from computers, quicker and easier than ever. Uncover all dark inside a PC.

Search within Files
If a simple record hunt functionality is not enough, OSForensics can also emanate an index of a files on a tough disk. This allows for lightning quick searches for calm contained inside a documents. Powered by a record behind Wrensoft’s acclaimed Zoom Search Engine.

Search for Emails
– An additional underline of being means to hunt within files is a ability to hunt email archives. The indexing routine can open and review many renouned email record formats (including pst) and brand a particular messages.
– This allows for a quick calm content hunt of any emails found on a system

Recover Deleted Files
After a record has been deleted, even once private from a recycling bin, it mostly still exists until another new record takes a place on a tough drive. OSForensics can lane down this spook record information and try to revive it behind to useable state on a tough drive.

Uncover Recent Activity
– Find out what users have been adult to. OSForensics can expose a user actions achieved recently on a system, including though not singular to:
– Opened Documents
– Web Browsing History
– Connected USB Devices
– Connected Network Shares

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