NxFilter 3.4.3 نرم افزار فیلتر کردن DNS

NxFilter is a DNS filter with adequate energy to greatfully tech-savvy folks and an easy setup to greatfully rookies. In further to boosting your Web security, it adds a poignant volume of speed to your browsing. It’s a really modernized filter that runs impossibly quietly, that is a vital plus. This is a DNS-level filter, so it helps conduct trade formed on IP addresses to speed adult trade and determine a site to assistance we evasion malware. NxFilter runs from a authority line, so it can be totally wordless once it sets itself up. The module is prepared to go right out of a box, though there are some modernized commands we can use to get some-more out of it. It comes with a useful educational that gives we some of those. You can emanate total categories for Web sites and retard or shorten trade formed on time signatures, as well. You can even emanate total groups and guard their traffic, so we can see how kids or employees are regulating a connection. Instead of relying only on a criminialized list of antagonistic URLs, a module can investigate trade as we roller to retard nasty sites. It does this but sacrificing a lick of speed.

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