MKVToolnix 14.0.0 Final + Portable ترکیب و ادغام فیلم، صدا و زیرنویس با یکدیگر

MKVToolnix is a module that allows we to combine and emanate video files with a MKV format, as good as perspective technical information on them.The user interface of a module is plain and simple. You can submit videos by regulating a record browser or a “drag and drop” process (batch estimate is supported).

So, we can name and arrange tracks, chapters and tags. But we can also configure ubiquitous track, format specific and additional options.

You can revise a lane name, tags and timecodes, as good as name a language, default and forced lane flag, and set a outlay filename.

Furthermore, we can change a aspect ratio, arrangement breadth and height, charset, cropping, cues, compression, user-defined options, and more.

Moreover, we can supplement attachments and cgange their name, description, MIME form and connection style, as good as configure tellurian options when it comes to a record or shred pretension and tab file.

MKVToolnix also lets we capacitate bursting mode (according to size, generation or timecodes), submit shred UIDs, prior and subsequent shred UID, as good as name language, charset and evidence name format for any chapter. Last though not least, we can use a section editor, duplicate information to clipboard, and more.

The module takes adult a low volume of complement resources and contains a well-written assistance file. We haven’t come opposite any issues during a tests. However, MKVToolnix could really use some improvements in a interface department. Otherwise, we strongly suggest it to all users.

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