LibreOffice 5.4.1 Stable + 5.3.5 Stable + Portable – رقیبی قدرتمند برای آفیس

LibreOffice – a absolute bureau suite. Translated into some-more than 30 languages. LibreOffice is giveaway and is open source, so we can giveaway to download, use and learn LibreOffice. LibreOffice giveaway for private and for educational or blurb use. It can be used but any chartering fees to your family, friends, colleagues, students, employees, and so on.


LibreOffice bureau apartment consists of several components that are integrated into a common core, in particular:
Text Editor Writer;
Table Editor Calc;
A apparatus for presentations and demonstrations Impress;
Vector editor Draw;
Formula editor Math;
Database Management System Base.


As a name implies, LibreOffice – one of a largest giveaway bureau products. Freedom is manifested in:
The deficiency of any permit fees for a squeeze and use a product.
The deficiency of a denunciation barrier. If your denunciation is not enclosed in LibreOffice, it is certain that this will shortly change.
Open entrance to a source formula underneath a permit agreement OSI.
– LibreOffice cares about a quality:
LibreOffice have a abounding heritage. The growth has a roots in a past. The village has some-more than 20 years of knowledge on that to rely.
Thousands of users around a universe are holding partial in a beta contrast a new version.
The routine of formulating LibreOffice is totally open. Everyone has a event to attend in a alleviation of LibreOffice.
– LibreOffice convenient:
Easy to use and can be used but special training by all who had once worked with any bureau software.
Switching from another bureau apartment on LibreOffice simple, given LibreOffice supports many existent formats “office” files.
LibreOffice has a technical support that is supposing by volunteers around a universe to assistance find answers to questions both novices and gifted users.

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