Krita 3.1.4 Final x86/x64 ویرایش تصاویر گرافیکی

Krita is a KDE module for sketching and painting, charity an end-to-end resolution for formulating digital portrayal files from blemish by masters. The focus provides users with both a classical and a new set of tools. Using Krita we are means to trade your creations to PSD, PPM, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and PDF formats.

As is expected, Krita offers we both matrix and raster collection to assist we with your work. You also get smudge, filter, hatching, texture, bend and mist brushes for that we can emanate tradition profiles.

With Krita we can suffer a really vast series of filters among that levels, curves, glur, tone to alpha, sharpen, sobel and unsharp are found.

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