KeyScrambler Premium + Free رمز گذاری بر روی داده ها

KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes in a heart and decrypts it during a end application, withdrawal Keyloggers with illegible keys to record. For your personal office, family, and business, KeyScrambler adds a arguable covering of defense. It works even on confidence compromised computers. It is concordant with other confidence programs and authentication methods such as tokens and intelligent cards. It requires no bid on your partial and lets we see encryption live. For web browsing + work + play. KeyScrambler Pro protects all your inputs in IE, Firefox, Opera, and Flock, and scarcely 80 other browsers and apps: Popular Browsers; Email Clients; IM/VoIP Clients; Password Managers; Zip Programs; Online Games; New! Text Editors.

The many finish protection.
If we work in open places often, use a information-sensitive applications a lot, or possess a business, KeyScrambler Premium is what we need. KeyScrambler Premium starts a notation we spin on your mechanism and protects all your inputs in over 170 browsers and applications, adding a singular line of invulnerability to your PC confidence complement opposite online information theft.

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