Java SE Runtime Environment 8.0.152 + 7.0.80 + 9.0.1 + JDK x86/x64

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) – Runtime Environment combined by Sun Microsystems that allows to run and use applications created in a programming denunciation Java. It consists of a practical appurtenance – Java Virtual Machine and Java-class library. Java Development Kit (JDK) – freeware Oracle Corporation growth pack applications in Java, that includes a compiler Java (javac), a customary category library Java, examples, support and several utilities, and a executive complement Java (JRE). In a JDK does not embody an integrated growth sourroundings for Java (IDE), so a developer regulating usually a JDK, is forced to use an outmost content editor and accumulate your programs regulating a command-line utilities.

Key features:

automatic memory management;
enhanced difference handling;
a abounding set of filtering we / O;
a set of customary collections such as array, list, stack, etc.;
availability of elementary collection to emanate network applications (including a custom RMI);
availability of classes that concede we to perform HTTP-requests and routine responses;
built into a denunciation a means of formulating multi-threaded applications;
unified entrance to databases:
at a turn of SQL-queries – formed on JDBC, SQLJ;
at a turn of a judgment of objects carrying a ability to store in a database – formed on a Java Data Objects (English) and a Java Persistence API (in English);
template support (version 1.5);
parallel execution of programs.

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