Incomedia WebSite X5 Professional طراحی حرفه ای وب سایت

WebSite X5 Professional 10 is singular software, an implausible multiple of energy and morality that can change how people who emanate web sites work. WebSite X5 Professional 10 is orderly as a beam with copiousness of previews updated in genuine time. You’ll be vacant during all a opposite facilities we can use to rise your projects. The many critical thing is that, interjection to WebSite X5 Professional 10’s discerning logic, you’ll be adult and regulating in no time.

– Sites with Mobile App to share news we publish
– Online store with credit label management, product availability, promotions andcoupons
– Dynamic calm that can be updated directly online
– Integration with database and information government regulating an online Control Panel
– Advanced Project Analysis and SEO optimization functions

WebSite X5 Professional 10 offers we a gallery of 1,500 templates designed for anything we can consider of. You can start with them, afterwards customize them, or start from scratch, follow your impulse and emanate disdainful templates for your projects. And if we need material, we have an repository of 6,000 high quality, and totally royalty-free, photos during your fingertips.

WebSite X5 Professional 10 provides a far-reaching operation of tools: we can embody any form of multimedia content, fast emanate a print repository or a registration form, supplement an e-commerce selling cart, a members’ area or a site accessible in several languages. It’s easy to configure formation with databases and conduct certain functions regulating a dedicated control panel. And that’s not all…

With WebSite X5 Professional 10, we have all we need: not usually growth tools, though also a Web Hosting use for a full 12 months with total space, transfers and databases to horde all a domains of a projects you’re obliged for and to conduct them regulating cPanel. Since we have all right during your fingertips, growth and government times are cut, vouchsafing we work some-more well so we can follow some-more projects.

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