GPU-Z 1.12.0 Final + ASUS ROG Skin بررسی تخصصی کارت گرافیک

GPU-Z is a lightweight application designed to indicate your mechanism complement and arrangement information per video label and GPU. It gets we proficient with a far-reaching array of technical specification, so enabling we to have a improved believe of your computer’s abilities. GPU-Z facilities support for a latest NVIDIA and ATI cards and includes a GPU bucket exam to check PCI-Express configurations. In addition, it grants we accede to default clocks, 3D clocks (if any) and overclock information. Reports are impossibly detailed, containing specifications about basically, each evil of video cards, such as name, GPU, routine technology, chip, memory type, DirrectX / PixelShader support, memory bandwidth, form of bus, memory clock, chronicle driver, sensors, speed fans and chronicle BIOS. You can save a finish news on a sensors as a content files.

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