FireDaemon Pro 3.14.2754 x86/x64 – اجرای برنامه ها و اسکریپت ها به عنوان Windows service

FireDaemon Pro is an focus that will concede we to implement and run probably any local Win32 focus or book (eg. BAT/CMD, Perl, Java, Python, TCL/TK) as a Windows service. FireDaemon Pro facilities easy pattern (via GUI or XML), a low memory / CPU overhead, subprocess prioritisation, tradition environments, CPU contracting and monitoring and logging to a eventuality record and on-disk record files. FireDaemon Pro can be used to run a infancy of programs created in renouned coding languages (eg. Perl, Python, Java), as good as several Windows local binary applications as services.

Here are some pivotal facilities of “FireDaemon Pro”:

Run any focus as a Windows service.
Edit a properties of any built in Windows service.
Simple use pattern around discerning GUI, CLI or XML all in one product.
Simple to confederate into Active Directory and Windows Server Clusters.
Comprehensive logging and debugging.
Broad use monitoring and disaster liberation options.
Negligible memory and CPU consumption.
Subprocess prioritisation and pursuit grouping.
CPU contracting on multi-CPU / multi-core systems.
Interactive use support and facilitates entrance entrance to removed Session 0 services.
Scheduling and automobile pop-up closing.
Setup tradition sourroundings variables.
Integrates with customary Service Control Manager Recovery options.
Ability to thesis FireDaemon with your possess icons, graphics and text.
Powerful choice to freeware collection such as srvany.
Alternative to a Windows Services applet (services.msc) and integrates with other customary Windows government tools.
Runs on all virtualized Windows handling systems (eg. VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual PC, Parallels, Xen)
Community oriented immoderate technical support.
Extensive support including FAQs and HOWTOs

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