Extreme Picture Finder دانلود و جستجوی تصاویر از وب سایتها

Download photos, music, video or any other files from roughly any website automatically. Simply enter a website address, name what files to save, name a folder on your tough hoop and let a module do a rest for you. No banners, no pop-ups, no irritating ads – usually files we wish and where we wish them!

The program’s intelligent spider can simply hoop password-protected websites, TGP, forums. Plus we can set smallest and limit record size, use URL filters to bar neglected content, name a approach a files are named when they are saved and use many, many other options to get accurately what we wish as quick as possible.

Another underline of Extreme Picture Finder that creates it unequivocally singular is a probability to hunt a web for cinema regulating any keyword or pivotal phrase. It can find thousands of cinema roughly now – only form what we wish and we have it!

But this is not all. Extreme Picture Finder comes with a giveaway library of website addresses that is constantly updated. All addresses are stored in categories and we can start downloading files from any website of a library with only a integrate of rodent clicks.

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