EssentialPIM Pro 7.52 / Pro Network 7.21 سازماندهی امور شخصی

EssentialPIM Pro is a modernized chronicle of Personal Information Manager. Handles all your scheduling, contacts, to do lists and records with easy-to-use, discerning tools. Pro chronicle significantly distinguishes from EssentialPIM Free, holding functionality on a totally another level. When we run EssentialPIM Pro for a initial time, a module creates test.epim database, that contains exam tasks and contacts.

EssentialPIM Pro can store links to any files or files themselves in a database. Each element, be it Task, Note, To Do or a Contact can store files, applicable to this element. EssentialPIM Pro allows we to imitation out all your information in easy to review form. All information can be printed one-by one, or we can name mixed entries regulating CTRL + rodent (for contacts and Notes), or All entries can be printed. To stagger a page, in a Print Preview Page, find “Page Setup”, or press Alt+U and we will be means to change a Orientation of a page.

– Multi-users entrance to database
– Storing and/or joining attachments
– Assigned people for To Do
– Advanced Backup
– Editable categories of tasks or events
– Hierarchical To Do lists
– Contact Groups
– Color Printing
– Sending any object to email
– Synchronization with Windows Mobile or Palm devices
– Outlook synchronization
– Google synchronization
– Custom views
– Mass mail

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