Dynamic Photo HDR 6.02 + Portable جلوه بخشیدن و ویرایش عکس ها

Company Mediachance expelled a new chronicle of a Dynamic PHOTO HDR that allows renovate your photos by aligning colors, liughtness and contrast. After optimizing your images will turn some-more transparent and realistic. The programme is also designed to routine energetic images seem and removes additional sum by images with opposite exposure.


* Easy to know program with super quick preview
* Powerful Auto-Aligning, Manual or Auto-Assist Aligning of images with an innovative Pin Warping that can scold all forms of misalignment, including camera roll, representation or yaw
* Anti-ghosting facade that can totally discharge ghosting of relocating objects
* Various tinge mapping procedures that can emanate a whole operation of images – from well-spoken detailed tinge mapping to really thespian images
* Load and save HDR files
* Works with many RAW camera formats
* Support for 360 Panoramic images
* Batch Processing to supplement images to reserve and afterwards routine them all during once
* Live HDR preview during several steps, we can see tonemapped picture preview even before we emanate HDR! Live HDR preview now shows a tone-mapped result
even before we emanate HDR file.
* Dynamic Photo HDR has already few really engaging build-in filters for Orton Effect or to emanate eye-catching B/W photos.
* You can use new Pseudo-HDR routine on a singular 8-bit source. New Pseudo HDR routine can convincingly emanate HDR tinge mapping on a singular 8-bit source.
* Our new real-time Light Tuner will let we change a Tone-Mapped outcome and see a feedback outcome immediately as we pierce a Light Orb, but any calculation
* You can emanate fine-tuned Black and White shots with a B/W channel Mixer
* More cold effects such as Vignette or Mysterious light.
* Color Correction regulating Kelvin parameters with preview table.
* Match Color will concede we to compare your new tonemapped picture to any other print or painting. Match Color can compare your picture to another picture colors. Here shown also with Mysterious Light Color Filter.
* Pin Warping . Aligning picture taken by palm is not any large problem in a software. The singular Pin Warping process can align even many realistic images where camera shifted, altered roll, representation or yaw.
* Anti-Ghosting Mask. If an intent changed while we were holding opposite shots, this would routinely emanate a “ghost” on a final image. We combined a absolute nonetheless really elementary to use anti-ghosting facade feature. Just paint over all instances of a changed objects (you don’t even have to be really precise!) and it will but snippet totally discharge a ghosts from a final image. In Full chronicle we can use Live HDR function. Just press Quick Preview symbol that will roughly now uncover we a outcome HDR picture with a anti-ghosting facade applied.

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