DxO FilmPack Expert 4.5.2 Build 62 + Elite 5.5.12 Build 554 x64 + Portable – تبدیل تصویر و فیلم قدیمی به دیجیتال

DxO FilmPack, a vital new chronicle of DxO Labs’ renouned analog film make-believe and artistic effects software, adds 65 even some-more aesthetically-pleasing renderings and overwhelming new effects to assistance photographers give their photos larger romantic impact as good as a singular style, either in tone or in black white.

With DxO FilmPack 4, photographers can request to their digital photos all a evil color, contrast, and pellet of analog films that done detailed history, along with many strange looks, filters, tonings, and visible effects — all of that can be forever total and customized.

Faithfully-restored film quality

Thanks to DxO Labs’ disdainful calibration technologies, DxO FilmPack 4 offers a palette of faithfully-rendered analog film simulations with an unequaled turn of peculiarity in a field.

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