DisplayFusion Pro 8.1 Final + Portable – مدیریت مانیتورهای چندگانه

DisplayFusion works best with mixed screens, though we can also use it with only one. DisplayFusion is a good focus that can make your twin guard (or triple guard or more) life much, most easier!

From permitting we to use a opposite wallpaper on any monitor, to integrating with Flickr for design searching, to providing hotkeys for handling your focus windows.

Easily conduct focus windows with HotKeys:
– Move windows to a subsequent monitor
– Move windows to a subsequent guard and maximize them
– Move windows to centre of a screen
– Move windows to centre of a shade and distance it to 75% of a work area
– Tile windows along a top, bottom, left or right side
– Maximize windows so that they camber all monitors

Here are some pivotal facilities of “DisplayFusion”:
– Set a opposite desktop credentials on any guard (either a design or plain colour)
– Set a desktop credentials that spans all monitors (either a design or colour)
– Integrated Flickr design hunt download
– Drag maximized windows by their pretension bars to other screens

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