Desksoft EarthView 5.7.2 – اسکرین سیور مشاهده کره زمین در پس زمینه ویندوز

EarthView is a energetic desktop wallpaper and shade saver, that displays pleasing views of a earth with illumination and night shadows. It produces colorful, high quality, high fortitude images for each shade fortitude – even over 1600×۱۲۰۰! The module supports map and creation views, civic areas, city lights, windy effects, clouds, internal time arrangement and most more. EarthView supports opposite maps that uncover a world earth in opposite ways, like minute or artistic. Many options concede sum customization of all perspective parameters. EarthView has won many awards for a positively monumental images.

EarthView supports 4 opposite pleasing maps of a earth, starting during 10 km resolution, that means that during 100% wizz level, 1 pixel on your shade equals 10 kilometers on earth. If we squeeze a full version, you’ll get a probability to download even some-more minute versions of some maps, that have aloft resolution. This means, they have most some-more detail, so we can wizz in even further!

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