Desksoft CheckMail 5.14.2 – چک کردن سریع ایمیل

CheckMail is a absolute POP3 email checking program, that notifies we when we have perceived new email. It allows we to check all your email accounts for new messages and preview or undo them before downloading to your computer. CheckMail saves time and income by permitting we to undo neglected or vast emails directly from a server but downloading them and we can even harmonise and send new emails directly with CheckMail, or respond to or brazen existent ones. It supports tradition notifications, mixed email accounts, classification and filtering and most more. It is positively defence to viruses and other damaging email content, since it will never start any attachments, scripts, programs, etc. For home offices or tiny businesses, CheckMail can act as a server by collecting and promulgation emails for many users. CheckMail is ideal for computers with permanent internet connection, since it can check for new emails during unchanging intervals. If we bond to a internet manually, CheckMail will ask we to bond whenever we wish to check for new emails.

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