AxCrypt v2.1.1516.0 قفل گذاری فایل ها

File encryption. Password protect files with strong encryption.

AxCrypt is the leading file encryption software for Windows. It integrates seamlessly with Windows to compress, encrypt, decrypt, store, send and work with individual files.

Main features:
* Password Protect any number of files using strong encryption.
* Right-click integration with Windows Explorer makes AxCrypt the easiest way to encrypt individual files in Windows.
* Double-click integration makes it as easy to open, edit and save protected files as it is to work with unprotected files.
* No configuration required. Just install it and use it.
* AxCrypt encrypts files that are safely and easily sent to other users via e-mail or any other means. Self-decrypting files are also supported, removing the need to install AxCrypt to decrypt.

Note: This program is possibly advertising supported and may offer to install third party programs that are not required for the program to run. These may include a toolbar, changing your default start page, default search engine or other third party programs. Please watch the installation carefully to opt out.

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