AVS Image Converter مبدل فرمت تصاویر

AVS Image Converter – modify piles of images to all pivotal formats during one go! Make discerning adjustments – resize, rotate, request auto-correction settings. Select between a series of effects. Get your cinema prepared to be printed or uploaded to websites!

Using AVS Image Converter we can:
– Convert several picture files from one format to another;
– Create charcterised GIF and PNG images;
– Correct your pictures: stagger them, adjust brightness, contrariety and colors, request several effects and use automobile tone improvement options;
– Resize and stand your photos;
– Add content or picture watermark to your pictures;
– View all a modifications while modifying regulating a preview window;
– Visually decider a swell of a picture acclimatisation process;
– Convert your images from one format to another but opening a module regulating a right-click menu.

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