Avast! Clear 17.7.3660 – حذف برنامه های شرکت Avast

Avast! Clear is a application for scold and finish dismissal of a anti-virus product line AVAST. Avast leaves a lot of rubbish behind a mechanism and in a registry. Especially heavy registry entries that can, for example, be an barrier to implement another antivirus Avast after. In such cases, we can use a special application Avast! Clear.

How to uninstall a Avast regulating aswClear:
Download aswclear.exe on your desktop
Start Windows in Safe Mode (reboot, daub f8)
Open (execute) a uninstall utility
If we commissioned avast! in a opposite folder than a default, crop for it. (Note: Be careful! The calm of any folder we select will be deleted!)
Restart your computer

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