Aha-Soft AhaView 4.57 نمایش و تبدیل عکس

AhaView is a accessible design spectator and converter. It allows we to browse, view, classify and modify your digital images.


With AhaView 4 we can:
Browse images in thumbnail mode
View images in full-screen mode
Convert images to BMP, GIF, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, XPM and PNG formats
Create icons from images
Attach descriptions to files
Show a method of images as a slip show
Explore picture properties
Copy images to a clipboard
Copy, move, transcribe and rename files
Print images
Use authority line interface


Supported formats:
ANI – Animated Cursor
BMP – Windows Bitmap
CUR – Windows Cursor
DCR – Delphi Component Resource
GIF – Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format
ICO – Windows Icon (including Windows XP icons and Windows Vista icons)
ICNS – Mac OS (Apple) Icon
JP2 – JPEG 2000 Image
PCX – PCX Image
PSD – Adobe Photoshop Image
PNG – Portable Network Graphics
PBM – Portable bitmap
RES – Borland apparatus file
TGA – Targa image
TIF – TIFF image
XBM – X Bitmap
XPM – X Pixmap
WMF – Windows Metafile
WBMP – Wireless Bitmap

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